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Problematic Individuals

Laurelai aka Wesley Bailey


Andrew Ketrow aka Popeguilty

Lautrichienne aka Latrine aka brinstar aka Obelisq aka pitch-dove aka Leslie Berry aka TheIdesOfLight

Minus archive (screenshots), Facebook

Scott Whitaker aka ConfuciusCubed

Robotanna aka Anna Riley Peeples born Thomas Riley Peeples

mythicmessenger aka Erich Benjamin Spurgin

Smuggy aka sgeureka aka Ulrike Kroenert

ArchangelleDworkin aka Rebecca Eisenberg



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2013-09-24 18:28: Added Mailbox section.

2013-03-14 00:08: Added Laurelai dox. Courtesy of "<3 dworks".

2013-03-11 22:41: Added Popeguilty dox. Fuck yeah OpPrivilegeCheck! We ain't dead, I'm just lazy.

2012-11-08 20:26: Updated srsbznz link, altered ddxxdd link to refer to local source, slight modification to page layout, created explanation of our commitment to journalistic integrity. Mailbox

First of all, for the sake of security, I will never reply by email to information posted to that email address. All responses will be found here, if I find it acceptable without compromising any identities.

I am not “LH” (by LH I assume the emailers are referring to LaurelaisHygiene), nor do I have contact information for him. I am an independent third-party with a hatred for the underhanded techniques used by ShitRedditSays and their affiliates, as well as distaste for the anti-freedom-of-speech rules regarding "doxxing" on Reddit.

A fellow named John (with an address) emailed me a bunch of information. I was asked to consider sitting on it before posting it, so I've done so. I'm sorry for the lack of personal reply, John. This site is not a huge priority for me at the moment and I was at a loss as to how best to respond to your email without potentially compromising my own anonymity.

Finally, there is some content from a Yeasty Beastie that I have yet to post, also. I will probably post his content and John's in the not-too-distant future.

Our Commitment to Journalistic Integrity

We at do our best to ensure that the information listed on this site is accurate. Accuracy is important to us. If you see information that you know to be false, please inform us. We will need evidence, of course, but we are committed to journalistic integrity.

This site is hosted on and consequently, I am capable of delegating some editing capabilities to vetted users. Contact me if you would like to help me update and maintain this site.

Submit new information to Alternately, visit #asrs on the Rizon IRC network. Please be patient. There will likely only be one user there, and it may be several hours or more before you will get a response! If you dump something useful there, it will be used. I have had a very poor record about keeping in touch on the weekends, also.